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Are you keeping Track?

If you enjoy a cross border lifestyle, live and work in more than one jurisdiction, roam the globe as a digital nomad, or simply enjoy holidays at your retirement home in the Schengen Area, you may need to keep track of where you spend your days and nights for tax residency and/or visa compliance purposes ...


You need to keep track ...

Where do you reside?

Where you live and where you reside for tax purposes can mean two very different things.  Achieving a minimum number of days or nights "in country" can be critical to establishing your tax residency there.  Conversely, exceeding a threshold may see you establishing a tax residency you wish to avoid or, falling foul of your visa (or visa free) travel stay limits. 

Tracking days & nights is essential


History comes back to ...

... bite you?  An investigation by a tax authority into your length of stay in their jurisdiction will likely arise years after the stay dates in question.  Tax authorities may start from the position that residency has been established, unless you can prove otherwise.  The consequences can be substantial, and the hurdles, difficult to overcome.


It's can get complicated

Schengen Area Travel

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Since the UK's exit from the EU, British Citizens may only spend up to 90 days in any 180 day rolling period inside the EU.  Similar visa free travel restrictions apply in other jurisdictions as well.  The travel restrictions are difficult to calculate, hard to keep track of, and for regular travelers, easy to fall foul of.

There is a lot to think about


Help is Here

OVRNITE the Tax Residency App keeps track of the jurisdictions where you spend your days and nights - leaving you free to get on with the important things in life.  Beautifully designed, packed full of features, and easy to use - let Ovrnite do the work!


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T H E   T A X    R E S I D E N C Y   A P P


Download Ovrnite now

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It's fully automatic

Downloading and installing OVRNITE for free is all that you have to do to start keeping track of your days, nights and more.

Let Ovrnite do the work

Completely Secure

OVRNITE can be used completely anonymously and also benefits from enterprise grade standards in data security and privacy


Use with Confidence


Sleep easy

With the highly accurate and reliable OVRNITE keeping track of where you spend your days and nights you can focus on more important things with confidence that you won't lose count

Ovrnite is taking care of it

Set Targets

Set targets to make sure that you hit and/or avoid residency thresholds for establishing or avoiding tax residency in a particular jurisdiction.

Stay in control


Schengen Tracker

Since the advent of Brexit, British Citizens can only spend up to 90 days in every period of 180 days, on a rolling basis.  Ovrnite automatically keeps track of your time in the Schengen Area and includes an indispensable "future allowance tracker" ...

Makes visiting Europe a breeze

Powerful Calendar

Ovrnite's powerful Calendar feature lets you review your diary by month, week, year, filter your data by jurisdiction, as well as view computational data, and edit information.

Your travel dates at a glance


Report Generation

Export your travel data into a single, easy to understand report, for use with other applications, supporting evidence in tax investigations, submission to employers and other uses

Take your data with you


See all your data in one place with handy overview screens, displaying your top 5 countries at one glance.

Easy to use


Keep up to date


And keep up to date with announcements on new jurisdictions, features and more. 

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