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User Guide

Get the most out of Ovrnite 

Ovrnite is designed to work reliably with minimal user input, tracking where you spend your days and nights over days / weeks / months and years. 

In order to ensure that you get the absolute most out of Ovrnite and make it as reliable as possible, here are some great tips.  

Set up location permissions correctly 

On iphone - run iOS 15.3 and later

Background function 

Moving your device 

Regular checkins 

Android Sleep Issue 

Report an issue 

Automatically Update 

Location permissions

Location Permissions 


In order to function properly, and keep track of where you spend your days and nights, Ovrnite needs permission from your device to track your location at all times and provide that information to the Ovrnite App. on your phone.  

You can easily set up location permissions by clicking on the "SETTINGS" tab in Ovrnite and then select "LOCATION SHARING".


In the settings tab select "Location Sharing"


Make sure that location is set to "Always" - if not click on locations and select "Always" (see image below)

Make sure that "Motion & Fitness" is turned on


If location is not set to "Always" then click through to permissions and select "Always"

Background function

Run iOS 15.3 and later

Early versions of iOS 15 contain a small bug that can affect the reliability of background location tracking.  Apple issued a bug fix for this issue in iOS 15.3.  To ensure that Ovrnite is as reliable as it can be, make sure your device is running iOS 15.3 or later.

Background Function


Ovrnite is designed to work in the background - even when you kill the App. on your device.  However, tracking reliability is improved if Ovrnite remains OPEN and working in the background. 

Leaving Ovrnite open does not increase battery usage or battery drain. 

Device movement

Device Movement 


Ovrnite is most accurate when your device is on the move.  In order to make sure that Ovrnite records your location on a daily basis, keep your device on you as you go about your daily routine.  

Regular checkins

Regular Checkins 


If you are having a lazy day, staying at home and not moving around much, Ovrnite will continue to record where you are spending your days and nights either using location data or our tracking algorithm. 


Opening Ovrnite automatically performs a checkin which improves overall accuracy.  Opening Ovrnite daily or every few days will ensure that Ovrnite regularly performs a checkin that will improve functionality and reliability. 


If you don't generate data for a set period of time, Ovrnite will automatically prompt you to conduct a "check in" to generate location data.

Android Sleep
Report an issue

Android Sleep Issue 

This issue occurs on a small number of Android devices.  The Android operating system has a battery optimisation function which can result in app.s deemed "low priority" being put to sleep.  This can result in reduced functionality for Ovrnite.  In the unlikely event that you are experiencing repeated data loss on an Android device it could be as a result of Ovrnite being "put to sleep" by your device.  In order to avoid this read through this handy guide for Google (and other), Samsung and Xiaomi devices

Tackle the sleep Issue (external link) 

Report an Issue

If you are experiencing any issues please feel free to get in touch with us by using the "Report Issue" link on the "Settings Tab"


Click "Report Issue" to get in touch with us

Automatic Updates

Turn on Automatic Updates 

We are constantly improving and updating Ovrnite.  Make sure you have "automatically update apps" set on your device to make sure you are using the latest version of Ovrnite. 

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